Paving block is a road-building material made of solid rock in the form of bars. Paving block is made of various types of natural stone, but most popular is granite, as it is the most durable material.
     Granite paving block is used for paving streets and squares, pamphlets and roads, sidewalks and yards. Granite paving is especially useful for the heavily congested road. The service life of the granite paving block is several centuries, and the form of bars and paving pattern depends only on the wishes of the customer.
     Paving block with chopped-sawn finish is made by:
  • chopped into blocks of sawn stone bars
  • four-side cutting-off and two-side sledging
  • cutting-off the stone from all sides and additional chopping of the sawn surface on facing and back sides in order to give roughness.
     Thus, the bar of granite paving block with chopped-sawn finish has four sides with flat surface and two sides with minor roughness - sides, top or bottom, depending on customer’s requirements.

      If the top of the granite paving block has a flat surface, i.e. not chopped but cut - the additional heat treatment of the surface is carried out to ensure the antiskid effect in winter.


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