Paving block is a road-building material made of solid rock in the form of bars. Paving block is made of various types of natural stone, but most popular is granite, as it is the most durable material.
     Granite paving block is used for paving streets and squares, pamphlets and roads, sidewalks and yards. Granite paving is especially useful for the heavily congested road. The service life of the granite paving block is several centuries, and the form of bars and paving pattern depends only on the wishes of the customer.
     Paving block with chopped finish – is made by six side stone dressing. The bar doesn’t have a perfectly flat shape and planes of the sides have “broken” surface. Granite paving block with chopped finish is the most popular material in Europe. This is not surprising. The appearance of these blocks is the very similar to the shape of natural stone and creates the style similar to the architecture of past centuries.
     The service life of the granite paving block with chopped finish is estimated by centuries, another evidence of it is perfectly preserved bridges of ancient cities in Europe. Built back in the Middle Ages, they have been used up till today. Besides, the use of paving block in megacities can be hardly overestimated because it is easily dismantled and re-laid in case of any work with underground utilities and highways.
Advantages of granite paving block with chopped finish:
  • the texture of the stone completely eliminates icing in winter
  • the opportunity to work on laying and paving at any time of the year
  • reacts neither to temperature changes, nor to the change of the humidity, has increased resistance to atmospheric oxidation processes. In winter granite paving block is frost-resistant and in summer it doesn’t soften or release toxic substances
  • the gaps allow moisture to freely enter and evaporate through the stone surface. The formation of the so-called water-coated mirrors is absolutely precluded. There are no puddles on the surface of the granite paving and at the same time it can be easily washed, and, most important, prevents the rise of groundwater
  • withstands vibration and high pressure well

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