Natural sandstone is a unique natural decorative constructional material from finely porous air-penetrable rock. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of quartz particles with the addition of silica, carbonate and other minerals. Depending on the deposits of stone, sandstone color may be white, red, gray, brown and even blue-green.
     As building material sandstone in many ways is inferior to granite and marble, however, it has a great advantage - price. Along with the low price of the material, there are no cuttings and wastes during its laying because even the smallest pieces of stone can be used.
     Natural sandstone (barbaric) is widely used in the construction and renovation, especially when «granite durability» or «marble gloss» are not required and financial reserves are limited.
     Naturalness and ornamentality make this stone especially attractive, besides, textural diversity of natural sandstone can transform any place into a unique, inimitable and original:
  • facades of buildings, fences, stairs and steps
  • arches, fountains, ponds
  • garden tracks and alpine slides
  • curbs, stone ripraps, pedestals